2. Rank and Stat information

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2. Rank and Stat information

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:13 pm

When determining your character's ability to perform a certain action, their applicable outcome is determined by their Statistical Information, or Stats for short. There are 5 stats we use here on the War of Six Paths, with an additional 2 'Sub-Stats' that are more like dynamic counters that are modified constantly throughout encounters. While stats should be used as a general guideline, they are not exact. Due to this, there is an 'Effectiveness Chart' that should help narrow down the advantages given by stat difference. Stat points are gained by converting XP into SP, which is done at a X:X rate.

Rank - Starting Stat Total

E 0
D 70
C 140
B 210
A 280
S 350
SS 420

Stat Cap

One is not able to stack all of their points into one stat. Unless an exception is stated, no one stat is able to have less than 8% of the character's stat total. If a character has a total of 500 stat points, no one stat may have a value lower than 40. This is an effort to prevent 'glass cannons'. While this does mean that a player can put up to 60% of their stat total into one stat, it is not recommended. The chart below shows the starting stat total player's can accept depending on what rank they apply for, as well as their respective minimum and maximum values.




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